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Why Customers aren’t Booking: How to Convert Leads

The leads are coming in but you have no bookings or sales. What should you do?

In this post we will share common reasons why clients aren’t booking with you and powerful strategies to covert your hot leads.

Why customers aren’t booking

There are many reasons a client may choose not to book with you. Here are the most common reasons:

  • You’re priced too high (not enough value)
  • You’re priced too low (they assume you’re low quality)
  • You didn’t have the feature they wanted
  • No strong call to action (they didn’t know how to purchase)
  • Packages are too complicated or confusing
  • Lacking confidence (no reviews or not enough reviews/referrals)

You’re priced too high

If you’re priced high without the benefits to justify the price, customers will not see your value and view you as over priced. Rather than obsessing over what price to set, focus your efforts on communicating your value to your customers.

A mistake here is assuming people can’t afford you. The reality is almost everyone is willing to splurge on a product or service they see value in because ultimately the price is “worth it.”

You’re priced too low

Price is how customers judge quality. Without knowing anything about your business, product, or service if you are priced too low customers will assume there’s a reason bad for it. They will assume you are of poor quality or you lack their desired features.

Missing features

Features help customers determine if you’re offering has what they need. Each feature has an associate rank. For example, a customer may be willing to forego a car that isn’t their color of choice (the feature is the car color) but they are not willing to give up their desire for leather seats (leather seats is the feature). In this example, the leather seats have a higher value to the customer.

If you suspect your products or services are lacking features, you may want to ask your customer directly: what is most important to them and what is a “must” on their list?

Too complicated

Customers like simple and easy. If your packages are too complicated or you offer too many options customers are quick to abandon ship.

There’s a very scientific reason that most fast food places offer products in sets of three. When there are too many options customers get overwhelmed but if there aren’t enough options customers feel like something may be missing.

Don’t over complicate your packages. Stick to the proven “rule of 3” if you sense your packages are too complicate.

Missing calls to action

We live in the era of information overload, customers are easily distracted or confused online. If you want to increase your sales then your services need strong calls to action that guide a customer step-by-step on how to book or purchase your product.

Don’t assume a customer knows how to get from point A to point B. Guide them, hold their hand if needed; do whatever it takes to show your customers the booking process in an easy step-by-step method.

Customer lacks confidence

Everyone wants to feel good about the purchase they make. When a customer is personally referred or sees your outstanding reviews, a level of trust is built that creates confidence in the customer and their purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true; if you lack strong reviews or don’t appear to be a credible source customers will lack the confidence needed to say yes in their purchasing decision.

Send a follow up questionnaire

If you’re not sure why your customers aren’t booking with you then send a follow-up questionnaire. Instead of guessing the reasons why they didn’t book with you simply ask!

There’s no shame or embarrassment in asking follow up questions.

Use our sample questionnaire to gather qualitative information about why your customers aren’t booking with you.

How to convert leads

If you want to convert your leads then follow these key strategies.

Fix any barriers to purchase

As noted above, there are many reasons why a customer may not book with you. It’s important to listen to your customers and fix any barriers they experience in making their purchase.

For example, if your customer admits that your packages were overwhelming then spend some time simplifying your packages.

Adjust your pricing

If you’re priced below the industry average in your local market then consider increasing your pricing to communicate a higher quality or value.

If you are priced too high consider offering a temporary sale or discount. This is a common practice done in retail to draw interest and encourage sales. If you experience increased revenue during your sale then you may consider offering promotions more frequently.

Revaluate your packages

If you need to add more value then consider adding more features and benefits to your packages that your customers want and value.

If you have too many features, find out what features are most important to your customers, and then cut out all the rest. Remember, too many options is not a good thing; limit your features to only the items your customers care about.

Improve your website copywriting

How your website looks is the hook that draws visitors in BUT if you want visitors to stick around then you need to revaluate what your website says. Every successful website has a strong call to action that leads customers in and through every step of the purchasing decision.

Strategic website copywriting is crucial to any successful sales funnel. If you’re not sure how to start check out these posts on writing for your website.

If you find yourself at a complete loss then consider hiring a professional website copywriter that has writing experience in your profession. An experienced copywriter will understand how to hook and lead website visitors throughout your website.

Add reviews or a “proof” section

Every website needs a review or a “proof” section. It is one of the key components in our proven website blueprint.

Consider adding a review section, testimonials, or case studies, or add a referral program to build your customers’ confidence in you.

Take home thoughts

If you skipped to the end then here are the highlights. There are six common reasons clients don’t book with you:

  • You’re priced too high (not enough value)
  • You’re priced too low (they assume you’re low quality)
  • You didn’t have the feature they wanted
  • No strong call to action (they didn’t know how to purchase)
  • Packages are too complicated or confusing
  • Lacking confidence (no reviews or not enough reviews/referrals)

If you get a lot of inquiries but no bookings then you can assume your business is suffering from one or more of the issues above.

To grow your business and convert your customers into paying clients you must fix any barriers to purchase, this includes:

  • Adjust your pricing
  • Reevaluate your package features
  • Improve your website copywriting
  • Make your reviews accessible

What creative solutions have you tried to grow and convert your leads? Let us know in the comments below.

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