Trend Chasing: Follow Trends or Avoid Them in Business?

Jul 2017 | Cultivate Your Mark, Rebranding, Web Site Design

Trends come and go. Some trends last longer than others but eventually, they all become “retro,” a thing of the past. So as a business owner, should you follow trends or avoid them? The answer is both. In today’s post, we will share our schedule to achieve a relevant yet consistent brand throughout time.

mistake no.1: trend chasing

If you change your logo, fonts, and website every time you see a competitor with a fancy new brand, then you are a trend-chaser.  Trend chasing is a dangerous habit that breaks the number one brand rule: be consistent.

No.1 Brand Rule: Be consistent

If you are constantly changing your brand identity, then you are wasting your money, time and effort. A brand that is updated too frequently will face these challenges:

  • Confused customers
  • Cost money
  • Requires time and effort

If you are constantly updating your brand identity, this may be a sign you are not investing in the right strategy. When it comes to branding, you get what you pay for. The trendy “premade” logo templates may save you money today, but it will cost you much more in the long-run. A professional logo design founded on solid design principles that outlast trends saves you money in the long-run.

mistake no.2: never adjusting your brand

On the other hand, if you never adjust your brand identity to stay relevant then your brand may be outdated. Studies show that your brand directly affects how customers perceive your value and trustworthiness. If your brand is outdated customers will have a negative opinion of your company, including:

  • Your quality is bad
  • You are disconnected with customers’ needs
  • Your customer service will be slow
  • You are incompetent or incapable
  • Your website is not protected and secure
  • You’re not worth the money

Ouch, this list is just a small example of the negative comments customers make about outdated brands. Even if none of those opinions are true, perception is a reality when it comes to branding. You do not want to risk these negative perceptions in your own business.

the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle


Here is the formula we use to keep our brands updated yet consistent.


  • Replace header images on social media accounts
  • Update imagery on website and homepage


  • Change out Marketing Publications (Brochures, fliers, welcome magazines, “Look Book”)
  • Digital graphics
  • Advertisement or mailers
  • Business Cards
  • Refresh content (writing) on website
  • Refresh website to follow any new best practices


  • Update decorative brand fonts
  • Update secondary brand colors
  • Refresh or rebrand logo
  • Refresh or redesign website to reflect website best practices & new branding

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