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Tips for Connecting Flodesk to WooCommerce

The key to a successful email marketing program is automation and personalization. Connecting Flodesk to your WooCommerce store can help you develop a successful marketing campaign for your website visitors and ultimately your e-commerce customers.

When it comes to the actual Flodesk & WooCommerce setup, here are some helpful tips to make your connection work seamlessly.

Install the Zapier for WooCommerce plugin first

Before you can test out all the great integration options for WooCommerce and Flodesk, you will need to pay for and install the Zapier for WooCommerce plugin. This requirement isn’t listed anywhere on the Zapier or Flodesk site but should be installed before you can connect the apps and get started.

Create specific Flodesk segments for your WooCommerce customer audience

Once you’ve made the WooCommerce and Zapier connection it’s time to connect it all with Flodesk. Using Flodesk segments you can segment your WooCommerce customers from your normal email subscriber audience.

Segmenting your WooCommerce customers will allow you to send specific emails and workflows to your customer audience to build loyalty and ultimately increase your sales with your email program.

Use Flodesk workflows

Workflows are the key automation step that makes everything work seamlessly. When a customer purchases a specific product on your website you can add them to specific segments (with Zapier). With these segments, you can send your audience a personalized email sequence using the Flodesk Workflows.

Write out your workflows

Unlike MailChimp, there are no “pre-done” WooCommerce shop sequences in Flodesk so you will need to plan and set up your own workflows.

You want your workflows to do all the “work” for you so think through every setup that requires you to send an email. Ask yourself how could you set up each email automatically with a workflow?

Begin by simply drawing out on paper how the workflow should go step-by-step. Be specific as possible when listing out your workflow steps.

Use WooCommerce tags to get specific with multi-step Zaps

Flodesk makes it easy to segment your subscriber audience into smaller, niche groupings. With these specific segmented groups, you can easily send emails curated to the segment’s interests, desires, or needs.

If you want to segment your WooCommerce audience by customer type, product type, or another characteristic then you should use WooCommerce tags to create multi-step zaps.

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