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The Logo Design Process

Today we are sharing a look behind the scenes of Mark Branding Boutique’s Steven Step Logo Design Process. From conception to completion it takes three to four weeks to deliver a strategic logo that is uniquely yours.

This post will give you a fun perspective on how we strategically position your business competitively in the marketplace to attract the clientele you desire.

Step One: Market Research

At Mark Branding Boutique the logo design processes begins with a solid strategic foundation. Before any sketches or designs are made, we take out our investigative glasses and get to work uncovering who you are and how your business is doing.

  1. Target Market: In our initial consultation, we will identify your target market (“ideal client”). Behind the scenes, we conduct demographic research about your target market: their preferences, dislikes, and patterns of behavior.
  2. Segmentation: Many businesses serve a few different types of customers, each with their unique characteristics and needs. In this phase, we identify all your customer segments to build a design plan specific to them.
  3. Competitive Analysis:  This step involves analyzing the competition (local and national) to determine your how you are doing compared to others in your industry.
  4. Positioning:  Positioning is about understanding how customers view your brand and what opinions they have of you. Are you viewed as a “high-end” business or an “affordable” option? We take a look to find out.

Each step in the market research process is critical. Without a complete understanding of your industry, customer, and competition, any logo or branding design will lack sufficient strategy for success.

Step Two: Idea Generation & Sketching

The idea generation and sketching step is when we put pencil to paper and allow ideas flow freely. The key in this step is to generate as many ideas as possible to explore all the option. With the market research fresh in our minds, we start to develop your brand message in graphic or type form.

Step Three: Digitize Top Sketches

After sketching 20-30 logos, we select our top 6 and transfer the sketches to a digital form. Using high-powered scanners and vector software, we begin perfecting each logo in pixel form. Once the six logo designs are complete, we share our work with our clients for feedback. This is where the real fun begins.

Step Four: Logo Selection

From the list of six logos, our clients will select their logo preference.

Step Five: Customer Feedback & Revisions

With the client feedback, we continue to rework the logo design until we land on a winner-winner-chicken-dinner.

Step Six: Create Logo Variations

To build flexibility into each brand, we also design logo variations and sub mark logos that create consistency on any print or digital medium.

Step Seven: Final Logo Delivery

Finally! Your custom crafted logo design is ready. We provide the logos in a variety of file formats for you to begin using on any of your branding pieces.

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