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The Best Client Gallery Setup for Photographers

If you are a photographer then you need a solid method to proof or share your digital client galleries.

The best method for sharing client galleries depends on the type of photography businesses you operate and your goals.

In this post we will discuss your options for sharing photography client galleries and the various pro’s and con’s to each option.

  • Built in ProPhoto Galleries
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Client Gallery Providers

Built in ProPhoto Galleries

If you operate your website with the amazing ProPhoto 7, then you already have beautifully styled galleries built into your website.

ProPhoto automatically scales your images so your website is blazing fast and your images look super sharp, an important features for photographers. Here are some other reasons we love ProPhoto galleries:

  • Disable right clicks
  • Optional watermarks
  • Endless customization options
  • Branded in your style

If you are an IPS (in person sales) photographer looking for a simple, no-fuss gallery to share with clients, then the ProPhoto 7 gallery is all you need.

All of our ProPhoto premium designs include a special gallery layout for this type of gallery usage. Simply apply the “Client Gallery” layout to the gallery and you have an instant solution to share your images with clients.

Example of Mark Brand Boutique layout for built in ProPhoto 7 client gallery setup.
Click image to see live example of the builtin ProPhoto Client Gallery

ProPhoto galleries are ideal for:

  • Photographers that do in person sales (IPS) with a separate ordering system
  • Photographers that want a simple no fuss gallery options

Pro’s for ProPhoto 7 “Client” styled galleries

  • No additional cost
  • Visitors don’t leave your site
  • Images are sharp and your website is fast
  • Branded in your style

Con’s for ProPhoto 7 “Client” styled galleries

  • No download options for clients
  • No automatic ordering system for prints or products

WordPress Plugin

If you need additional feature but prefer to manage everything inside WordPress, then you will need to install a WordPress plugin with proofing and selling features.

There are many different plugin options (free and paid). Here are a few of the more popular WordPress plugin options for this type of setup.

Once you install and setup your plugin, you will need to follow the instructions by the plugin to add to your website.

WordPress Plugins are ideal for:

  • Photographers that are tech savvy and can install and setup a WordPress plugin
  • Photographers that don’t mind doing a little extra work to keep 100% of their photo sales

Pro’s for WordPress Plugin

  • Visitors stay on your website
  • Intuitive for customers
  • Manage everything inside WordPress
  • Photo ordering and download options

Con’s for WordPress Plugins

  • Requires WordPress plugin
  • Potential integration issues with plugins
  • Additional costs may apply (depends on plugin)

Client Gallery Provider

If you are looking for a full-service client gallery platform that can do it all, then you need to use a third party service such as Pixieset or PASS.

If you are interested in how each of these services compares to each other, checkout PetaPixel’s post on Battle of the Client Galleries: Comparing 11 of The Best Tools for Proofing and Presentation. PetaPixel does an excellent job of comparing each of these popular client gallery options in detail.

Once you setup a gallery with one of the client gallery providers, you will need to create an external link on your website. Simply create a link on your menu that externally points to your gallery page. You can call this link “client galleries” to navigate your users directly to their images for review, proofing, download, and order.

Click image to see live example of externally linking client gallery

Client Gallery Providers are ideal for:

  • Photographers that need a user-friendly system to manage client galleries
  • Photographers that don’t mind spending some money to save time and effort.

Pro’s for Client Gallery Provider

  • Easy to upload and manage media
  • Easy for clients to access, share and download
  • Many different options

Con’s for Client Gallery Provider

  • Sends user outside your website
  • Doesn’t match your website branding
  • Additional costs (charge for number of images or number of galleries)

The Best Client Gallery Setup for Photographers

The best client gallery setup for photographers depends on the type of workflow you have and what your specific goals are.

We have reviewed three major options to setup your client galleries for proofing, ordering and download.

  • Built in ProPhoto Galleries
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Client Gallery Providers

What method have you chosen to implement? Let us know what works for you in the comments!

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