Rebranding: Aleen Floral Design

Jan 2017 | Calibrate Your Mark, Crafted Marks

Aleen Floral Design is a creative floral design company that specializes in artistic floral arrangements for weddings and special events in Williamsburg, VA and the greater Hampton Roads region. Karen Roa, the founder, and designer executes stunning floral artistry. For this project, we wanted the photography of the floral pieces to speak for themselves. To accomplish this, the marketing pieces were designed with simplicity to allow the floral artistry to emerge as a centerpiece of the overall design.

The Goals:

  • Position brand in high-end market
  • Simplify design and branding
  • Build a cohesive style and elegance
  • Add a blogging platform to the website

The Logo:

The simplicity of the logo design is an intentional representation of Aleen Floral Design’s artistry and style. Stripped of lavish decor and complicated textures, the leaf graphic, and sleek typography stand out as the focal point and produce a calming visual effect. The subtle rounding of the main serif font softens the overall design to create a natural and organic personality. The secondary logo and sub-mark logo designs create a genuine and cohesive style that builds consistency and trust.

The skeleton leaf was such a fun and challenging project. Each intricate line was hand painted to have a high degree of control over the legibility and style of the graphic.

The Mood Board:

The brand colors are set in darker tones and neutrals to allow the greenery and variety of floral pallets to standalone without competing for color swatches. I absolutely love the photography of these bouquets. So romantic and classy.

The Website:

The website was all about showcasing the floral arrangements in creative and unique ways. Each page strategically features beautiful bouquets and secondary detail image to provide more context to the artwork.

View the new Aleen Floral Design Website

Final Products:

  • Logo redesign
  • Website redesign- transferred from Weebly to WordPress
  • Busing card design
  • Nametag design
  • Social Media Graphic
  • Facebook Header
  • Client gift
  • Client wedding mailer
  • Thank you card

Photography credit: Michael and Carina Photography | Kylie Martin Photography

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