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Pros and Cons of Using Flodesk with WooCommerce

Yes, Flodesk does work with WooCommerce but how does it really stack up?

In this post we will explore the main pros and cons of using Flodesk with WooCommerce and offer guidance on determining if Flodesk is the right fit for your email marketing needs and e-commerce site.

P.s. This post contains affiliate links but don’t worry, we only recommend products we personally used and absolutely loved. Read our full policy on our terms and policies.

Pros of Flodesk with WooCommerce

Flodesk is a clear winner among many creative small businesses. It is the first email marketing program that takes user friendliness to a new level. With a Zapier account, you can now enjoy all the benefits of Flodesk with your WooCommerce store.

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Beautiful, seamless emails with ease

Flodesk makes creating beautifully styled emails easy. Get started quickly with any of their pre-made email templates or easily create your own with their pre-made layouts and tools.

Flodesk is simple, straight forward and it’s an obvious winner if you’re a busy creative entrepreneur trying to do more with your website and marketing.

Smart e-mail segments

Unlike other email marketing programs, Flodesk uses a smart segment system that doesn’t penalize you for having email subscribers in multiple segments.

Many of your website visitors may start out subscribing to your emails to get access to your newsletter, coupons, or free downloads. But what happens when that subscriber becomes a purchasing clients and you want to begin sending your customers personalized emails based on their purchases?

With Flodesk, you can have subscribers in multiple segments with no fees or penalties. Even better, Flodesk uses a smart tag system that keeps track of what segments these subscribers are in without the need to do extra work.

Per product emails

If you sell digital and physical products in your WooCommerce store then you may have a need to send follow up emails or communication specific to each product.

Using the Zapier integration and a multistep zap, you can send automated email workflows when a customer purchases a product from your WooCommerce shop.

Automated email workflows

When you want to send product specific emails to your customers you can save time by using Flodesk’s automated workflow system.

When a client purchases a product, you can send them an unlimited series of followup emails related to their specific purchase. Flodesk allows you to set up these workflows based on a series of triggers or delays and doesn’t limit the number of emails in your workflow.

Using Flodesk workflows is a great way to increase your customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Learn more about ways to use Flodesk Workflows to Increase your Sales.

Track your email marketing analytics

Flodesk makes tracking your email analyitcs simple and strightforward so you can see if your email marketing program is working. Flodesk breaks down how all the complicated analytics like click through rate but presents it in an easy to understand, visual format.

Cons of Flodesk with WooCommerce

Flodesk works with WooCommerce but there are a few drawbacks important to mention. Because Flodesk doesn’t offer a built-in system for integrating with WooCommerce there are additional steps and costs to make Flodesk and WooCommerce work together.

Requires additional apps and setup

Before you can make your Flodesk account work seamlessly with your WooCommerce store you will need to setup Zapier.

Zapier is a freemium online tool that will connect your Flodesk account and your WooCommmerce store. Zapier is easy to use and free for the basic account, but it does requires additional time and effort to setup.

Additional cost for the WooCommerce Zapier app integration

In order to use Zapier with WooCommerce you will need the official Zapier WooCommerce plugin. The plugin is available on the WooCommerce market and costs $59/year.

This plugin is needed to help WooCommerce communicate and connect with the Zapier tool. It’s not expensive but it’s an additional cost that will add to your total email marketing program investment.

Requires upgraded Zapier account for multi-step zaps

As mentioned above, Zapier is free to use and get started on their basic account but if you want to send out product-specific email sequences then you will need to upgrade your account to at least the “Starter” plan.

Product-specific email sequences with Flodesk and WooCommerce can be achieved with “multi step zaps.” Zapier begins offering “multi step zaps” in their “Starter” plan that costs $19.99/monthly.

No built-in WooCommerce product syncing

If you have previously used MailChimp with your WooCommerce store then you know that MailChimp includes a built-in integration with WooCommerce that can automatically sync your products.

Product syncing is helpful if you want to send abandon cart emails or any client specific emails regarding the specific products your website visitors are interested in.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a built in method of achieving this in Flodesk with Zapier. This means that you will not be able to send customized product recommendations or cart emails based on the customers browsing history with Flodesk.

How does Flodesk comapre to MailChimp with a WooCommerce store?

In a previous post, we have reviewed MailChimp Vs. Flodesk from a general email marketing perspective. If you also manage a WooCommerce store you may be wondering if Flodesk is the best fit for an e-commerce store setup.

The reality is it depends greatly on your specific marketing goals and budget.

MailChimp costs less than Flodesk for a monthly subscription. If you want to setup Flodesk with WooCommerce then the cost is even higher due to the additional plugins and Zapier requirements.

With any business decision, you need to carefully determine if the additional investment will result in a higher ROI (return on investment).

Is the extra cost of Flodesk worth the investment

In our personal experience of switching over to Flodesk with our WooCommerce store, the investment was worth the added costs!

At first we were hesitant to make the switch. All the extra costs and setup requirements seemed like more than what we want to invest, but wow are we glad we made the switch.

Within a month of using Flodesk with WooCommerce, we grew our email list by 30%, our engagement rate increased, our click-through rate increased, and we grew our sales via email marketing by 70%. This means that not only were people more likely to open and read our emails but they actually increased our bottom line.

In our situation, our email marketing ROI (return on investment) greatly increased when we swtich from MailChimp to Flodesk. This makes the added cost and effort of Flodesk totally worth it for our business.

The only true way to know if this will work for you is to try it out for yourself. Luckily you can get started with Zapier and Flodesk with a free trial and 50% off your Flodesk subscription.

Want more examples of how to integrate Flodesk into WooCommerce? Learn how we are using Flodesk for our own WooCommerce store.

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