Skrimp Shack

Brand Proposal



Skrimp Shack is a franchise, quick-service seafood restaurant that delivers flavorful casual seafood cuisine all over the East Coast. Skrimp Shack is focused on providing great seafood at value prices with exceptional customer service.

Brand Personality:

  • Family friendly
  • Inviting
  • Fun, upbeat

Primary Logo Design:

    The shrimp graphic is formed in the shape of an “s” to establish a strong mental association with the business name and type of cuisine it serves. Below the business name is the business tagline to help viewers quickly understand and differentiate it amongst other local competitors.

Secondary Logo Variations:

    The secondary logo variations create a flexible brand identity. Depending on the intended use, any of the logo variations can be used to strengthen the brand goal without compromising the brand identity. 

Brand Fonts:

The fonts used in this brand identity are playful, casual and versatile. The letter forms of all fonts are in a “hand-drawn” vintage style. These casual fonts create a family friendly, retro tone that compliments the brand personality.

Brand Colors:

The brand colors used in this brand identity are bright, playful and friendly. The tones and colors compliment the East Coast shore culture. The soft coral orange is representative of shrimp coloring, the blue tones are representative of the sea/ocean, the yellow adds joyfulness, and the deep rich red coral balances all the colors together.


Brand Patterns:

    The iconic “s” shaped shrimp is the foundational graphic for brand patterns. 


The website for Skrimp Shack implements web “best practices” for causal dining restaurants. These best practices include the following:

  • Large order now button isolated to increased visibility and prioritize importance
  • Simplified top menu for quick actions
  • Prioritize locations in visual and textual formats
  • Highlight promotions or discounts


      The brand identity can be printed on signs, apparel, and paper applications. The primary or secondary logo variations may be used in combination depending on the intended use and legibility requirements. 

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