Elizabeth Childs Realtor

Brand Identity | Custom Divi Website 


Elizabeth Childs is a licensed Realtor and Life Coach based in Richmond, VA. Elizabeth works with individuals who are interested in real estate to buy, sell and invest in realty.

Brand Personality:

  • Approachable
  • Casual, inviting, friendly
  • Fun, spunky


Your realtor in blue jeans. 

Primary Logo Design:

    The primary logo design is elegant, classic and modern. The logo mark is set as a modern monogram creatively using the first letters of the first and last name “e” and “c.” The three words identity three key aspects of who Elizabeth Childs is: realtor, investor and coach.

Secondary Logo Variations:

    The secondary logo design is flexible and introduces the brand colors in a fun, colorful and playful seal style logo design.

Sub-mark Logo Variations:

    The sub-mark logo is a simplified version of the secondary logo that can be used at small sizes.

Brand Fonts:

The fonts used in this brand identity set are feminine, modern and classic. 

Brand Colors:

The brand colors used in this brand identity are bright, feminine and traditional of east coast culture. 


Brand Patterns:

    The iconic sub-mark logo is used in a branded pattern.


The website for Elizabeth Childs is a center point to display each service offered. Each page is strategically set to encourage viewers to book a free coaching call with Elizebeth. The main features of this custom realtor website are:

  • Custom real estate icons & graphics
  • Bold “contact” call to actions (C2A)
  • Prioritized contact information


      The brand identity can be printed on signs, apparel, and paper applications. The primary or secondary logo variations may be used in combination depending on the intended use and legibility requirements. 

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