Kristy & Vic Photography

Brand Identity | Custom ProPhoto Website 


Kirsty and Vic Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team in South Florida. This project focused on updated the website to match the bright and fun personality of the brand. Also included was a custom logo design and a matching set of marketing brand kit templates.

Brand Personality:

  • Elegant & classic
  • High-end
  • Romantic

Primary Logo Design:

    The primary logo design is elegant, classic and modern. 

Secondary Logo Variations:

    The secondary logo variations provide flexibility while maintaining a strong visual identity. 

Sub-mark Logo Variations:

    The sub-mark logo is a simplified version of the secondary logo that can be used at small sizes.

Brand Fonts:

The fonts used in this brand identity set are feminine, modern and classic. 

Brand Colors:

The brand colors used in this brand identity are bright, classic and characteristic of sea-ocean culture.


TeaL Time
Tropic Waters
Mint to be
Silver Plater
Bright Skies

Website & Online:

The website for Kristy & Vic Photography features a large video header with line & box graphics styled throughout the custom ProPhoto 7 website.

  • Matching Pinterest brand graphics
  • Matching Instagram graphics
  • Matching Facebook graphics


      The brand identity can be printed on signs, apparel, and paper applications. The primary or secondary logo variations may be used in combination depending on the intended use and legibility requirements. 

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