Floral Notes WordPress ProPhoto 7 Brand Collection


Floral Notes Wordpress ProPhoto 7 Collection is an instant download of the entire Floral Notes boutique style brand suite. Get a professional, boutique-style look in half the time with our customizable brand collections. Simply add in your business name, adjust color schemes, and easily replace design elements to make the Floral Notes Brand Collection your own. The Floral Notes brand suite is for modern photographers specializing in senior portraiture.


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The Floral Notes Wordpress Brand Collection includes the followings:

Please Note:

  • Each product included in this collection can be purchased separately. Please click each item for a detailed description and more images.
  • All PSD templates required Photoshop Creative Cloud or higher to be edited. In some circumstances, the templates may work with older Photoshop version but we do not offer refunds, support, tutorials or assistance for any users note using the most current Photoshop version.
  • Included in your download is access to our online tutorials that will walk you through how to use the PSD templates and make the necessary edits.
  • The Floral Notes Wordpress ProPhoto 7 Design is only compatible with ProPhoto 7. ProPhoto software is not included in the download and is sold separately directly from ProPhoto.
  • This collection may be sold more than once. If you are interested in custom templates for your brand please check out our custom project services.
  • Due to the nature of this product, under any circumstances, refunds are not given as stated in our refund policy.
  • You may not resell, redistribute or use this product in any way other than for your personal business use.

What's Included

Wordpress ProPhoto Theme

This premade theme is an instant download ready for your immediate use on the WordPress + ProPhoto 7 framework.

Matching PSD Brand Kit

Premade matching PSD templates designed for Instagram, Facebook, and print so you can easily grow your brand.

PSD Layered Logotype

Included inside the theme download is a pre-made PSD logotype that you can customize to match your business.

Self-guided Online Tutorials

As a bonus you will be enrolled to our online, self-guided course to teach you how to customize your site and brand kit templates.

How DIY Templates Work



This pre-made templates is an instant download ready for your immediate use on the WordPress + ProPhoto 7 framework.


Upload Design

Simply upload this pre-made website design to your WordPress website through the ProPhoto Manage Design settings.



Easily change text, colors, fonts, graphics, and images to customize this design and make it your own.


Launch & Grow

Hooray, you're ready to launch your new website and fresh new look. Pair your new website with a matching brand kit to help you grow your brand.

The templates you need to grow your brand

Instagram Templates

You will get two Instagram files: Instagram square posts AND Instagram Story Posts. These two files will help you build a pretty consistent feed on your Instagram account.

Facebook Templates

You will receive two Facebook files: Facebook Cover Image AND Facebook Post. Together with these two files, you can create endless Facebook posts that match your brand and stand out!

Business Card Template

You will also receive a matching business card design with a front and back styling. The business card template will bring your branding to life and help people remember you and your contact info.

Logotype Template

As a fun bonus, this brand kit also includes a free Logotype Template. The template can be easily edited to match your business name and info.


What are brand kit templates?

Brand kit templates are pre-made editable photoshop files. With each file, you are able to easily change images and text to help you grow your brand quick and painless.

Do I need Photoshop to use these files?

Yes, this design is compatible with Photoshop only. If you do not currently own Photoshop, you can start a free trial with Adobe.

Will this work on older Photoshop versions?

These files may work on older Photoshop version. BUT PLEASE NOTE: we do not offer any support to clients using outdated Photoshop versions.

Isn't Photoshop expensive?

Not anymore! Thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud you can begin using Photoshop for as little as $10/month. Check out their different packages and pricing for a plan that works for you!

Do I need any design or Photoshop Experience?

While you do not need any design experience, we do require that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to edit your files, but those instructions assume that you have accessed Photoshop before and understand the basic settings available. We do not train any customers on how to use Photoshop specifically. Our instructions and guides are how to edit the files only.

Will you customize my design for me?

Absolutely, we can assist you in our restyle packages. Now you can get a boutique-style look at an affordable price without any headaches or stress. As a small business owner, your time is very valuable that's why we will take care of all the customizations for you. Learn more about hiring us for your restyle.

Will you teach me how to customize my design?

Yes, all downloads included a step by step course that will teach you how to make the major edits and customizations. If you need additional assistance beyond our online courses, we also offer restyle packages.

How much will I have to customize myself?

All text, and images must be customized by you. The amount of design customization will depend on your style preferences. Although not required, you may also customize colors, fonts, graphics, tiles, buttons, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Not ready to take on all that customization? No worries, we offer affordable restyle packages to make all your customization for you.

what is ProPhoto?

ProPhoto 7 is the latest and greatest Wordpress drag and drop builder made specifically for photographers and creatives. ProPhoto is a proven and testing Wordpress addon that helps you customize every inch of your Wordpress site without any design skills or code.

Do I have to use ProPhoto for this design?

Yes, this design is compatible with ProPhoto 7 only. ProPhoto 7 is not included in this download and must be purchased directly from ProPhoto.

How much does ProPhoto cost?

This design requires ProPhoto 7 software which is available for purchase directly from ProPhoto for $249. If you are a returning ProPhoto customer you may qualify for an upgrade discount. Sign in to your ProPhoto account for more details.

Why ProPhoto?

ProPhoto is a trusted and proven software with outstanding coding standards. ProPhoto is very user-friendly, has top-notch customer service, and is optimized for Photographers and creatives. Out of the box, ProPhoto is already SEO optimized, responsive, and cached. These features make it simple for anyone to build a beautiful and successful Wordpress website.

Will you customize my design for me?

Absolutely, this design is available in our restyle packages. Now you can get a boutique-style look at an affordable price without any headaches or stress. As a small business owner, your time is very valuable that's why we will take care of all the customizations for you. Learn more about hiring us for your restyle.

Do I need any design or coding experience?

Nope! That's what makes our ProPhoto Themes so amazing! This Wordpress theme comes completely design ready. All that is needed is for you to make minor customizations to make it your own.

Will you help me write the website copy?

Yes, we have our very own in-house writing specialist that will help you with your writing needs. We offer three different packages depending on what type of writing assistance you want.

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