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Chris Cross ProPhoto 7 Template

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ProPhoto template Design

typeface Logo design

Lead Magnet Page Layout

This ProPhoto template is compatible with ProPhoto 7 only. ProPhoto 7 is not included in this download and must be purchased directly from ProPhoto.

Photographers love the Chris Cross ProPhoto 7 Design Template

Chris Cross is an instant download ready for your immediate use on the WordPress + ProPhoto 7 framework. Upload this pre-made photographer & videographer ProPhoto template to your WordPress website and easily change colors, fonts, graphics, and images.

Responsive Design


Using the amazing ProPhoto 7 framework your website is responsive for any device

One click install


Seriously, just one click and your ProPhoto template is completely installed and ready to personalize

SEO Ready


Designed based on SEO Best Practices and ready to launch with minimal effort

Template Support


You will have direct access to our support team to answer your questions about your ProPhoto template

Optimized for Images


Showoff your images in this ProPhoto template and know that they will load fast and beautiful

No coding needed


No knowledge of coding or design is needed. All the design and marketing strategy is done for you

Easy Edits


Easily make your ProPhoto template edits with the quick, step-by-step edit guide

Lead Magnet Layout


Display an optional lead magnet page layout to capture more sales and interested leads

“I browsed a lot of ProPhoto templates. This website template just really stood out from the rest. I loved how easy it was to use and edit.”

"Looking for the perfect website template is frustrating. I browsed a lot of ProPhoto templates. This website template just really stood out from the rest. I loved how easy it was to use and edit. I'm not really good at all the techy stuff so I was relieved that everything was already done for me. All I had to do was add in my own images and text and I hit publish. I love how my website looks and I get compliments from customers all the time."

We can install & customize this template for you!

If you're not tech savvy don't worry, we can install and even customize this WordPress ProPhoto website template for you! Select a package below that fits your needs.

Install & Customize


We setup and customize your website for you. Includes the Versatile ProPhoto 7 design template, professional installation AND template customizations.


Package includes everything in the professional install plus:

  • Replace all demo images with your images
  • Replace all demo content with your copy
  • Upload up to 8 portfolio galleries
  • 2 hours of custom design labor
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Professional Install


We will setup everything just like the demo so you can get started DIY'ing your site. Includes the Versatile ProPhoto 7 design template AND professional installation of the design template.


Package includes the design template plus:

  • Installation of the design template
  • Add & assign all demo pages
  • Setup optional 'coming soon' page
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Template Only


We provide the Versatile ProPhoto 7 design template in an instant download format and you will install and customize on your WordPress website.


Package includes:

  • Editable typeface logo
  • 9 strategic page layouts (Home, About, Info, Galleries, Blog, Blog Posts, Contact, Clients, and Coming Soon)
  • Responsive website design

Real photographer websites using our premium ProPhoto design templates

We have helped thousands of businesses create professional, strategic websites to grow their business. Checkout some of our favorite, real client website examples below.

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Versatile ProPhoto 7 Template

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Versatile ProPhoto 7 Template

ProPhoto Template FAQ

What is ProPhoto? Do I have to have it?


ProPhoto 7 is an amazing visual drag and drop WordPress website builder. All of our website templates require a ProPhoto license to work. ProPhoto can work for any business especially photographers & videographers.

Does ProPhoto cost extra?


This design is compatible with ProPhoto 7 only. ProPhoto 7 is not included in this download and must be purchased directly from ProPhoto. Get $20 off your ProPhoto license with code EKLU7294

Can I use my own logo and branding?


Absolutely, in fact we recommend that you personalize your template to fit your business needs and style. Easily customize the brand colors, fonts, and images. Everything you see can be customized.

Can this be an e-commerce site?


Yes, all ProPhoto templates work with WooCommerce. If you are interested in adapting this ProPhoto template to fit an e-commerce store contact us for a custom consultation.

What is the refund policy?


Due to the nature of our digital products and services, under any circumstance, refunds or exchanges are not given for any product or service including the ProPhoto template design.

I'm not tech savvy. Will this be difficult?


No, we make it easy for anyone to manage a professional website. No coding or tech skills needed. Our ProPhoto templates already include SEO optimization, marketing strategy and a beautiful design.

Will you help me customize this ProPhoto template?


Heck yes, every ProPhoto website template in our shop comes with a detailed tutorial guide. If you need additional assistance you can hire us to make the customizations for you.

Can I use this ProPhoto template on multiple sites?


Yes, you can duplicate this website template design inside ProPhoto and make endless variations of the ProPhoto template to fit your business needs. Please note however, you may not distribute or resell this ProPhoto template design or any variation of our designs as noted in our terms.

How long will this take me to edit?


The ProPhoto template is ready to launch instantly. We recommend adding your text and images to the site before launching. This takes most people 1-7 days. If you want to launch your website ASAP then consider hiring us to do it for you.


Chris Cross is a premium ProPhoto template for photographer and videographer WordPress websites. This modern and classic ProPhoto template is neutral so that your photography and portfolio can really stand out. Also included is a photographer logo design template that can be edited to fit your own name.

What’s included:

Included are online and written tutorials, 1 ProPhoto design template, 8 ProPhoto template layouts.

Bonus Features:

Bonus options for the Chris Cross ProPhoto template is a lead magnet block and lead magnet ProPhoto page layout.

We can help you DIY your ProPhoto template


Sometimes you begin a project with full gusto only to discover you really need some help. Hire us to quickly install, setup or customize your WordPress + ProPhoto design template.

Get $20 off ProPhoto 7

Get $20 off ProPhoto when purchasing a full license. Click or use code EKLU7294

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