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Replacing Images in Divi

Before replacing images it is helpful to understand how the ProPhoto 7 Modules work. Please review the previous lesson, ProPhoto 7 Modules for a detailed tutorial.

Changing Background Images

If you are attempting to replace an image but there is no Divi Image Module, then the image is being displayed as a background image. To create a beautiful responsive design many of our themes often use background images of sections and rows instead of using the Divi Image Module. The benefit is a responsive image that fits any screen and device. Learn more about sections and row settings in Divi below:

Follow these quick steps to replace row, column, or section background images.

  1. Identify where the background image is located.
    • TIP:
      • If there is a graphic, image or text placed above the image, then the background image must be behind that element.
      • Check the section first ( the blue highlighted area)
      • If there is no background image there, then check the row/column settings (the green highlighted area)
  2. Click the setting gear icon for the section or row
  3. Click “Background” to open the background settings 
  4. Hover above the image and click the setting gear icon above the image 
  5. Select an image from your media folder or upload a new image.

Replacing Images in the Image Module

Divi has a wonderful tutorial on changing out images for your theme that can be found on their Divi Documentation. They also have a wonderful video for using the image widget. Please visit the documentation or watch the video to change out your image modules.

Connect the mail opt-ins

If your theme uses a mail opt-in you must connect your account for the module to show live on your site. PLEASE NOTE: you may see it when the visual builder is active but it will not display on the live version of your site if unconnected. Please visit the Divi Documentation on editing this module to fit your needs or watch the video below.

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