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Installing ProPhoto Design

Before you can install your ProPhoto design you must have WordPress and ProPhoto 7 installed on your website. If you need assistance with this please return to the previous lesson, Installing ProPhoto to access instructions.

If you purchased your design directly from our shop then you were sent a zip file of your download to your email address on file. You can also find your zip file in your account dashboard.

  1. Sign into your account
  2. From the My Account page, click downloads (left panel)
  3. Click to download your file

If you purchased your design from ProPhoto, then please sign in to your ProPhoto account. From your account dashboard, you will see your Purchase History. Please click the download link for the design you have purchased.

After downloading, please uncompress or ‘unzip’ your file and store somewhere safe and accessible. Upon compression, you will notice multiple files.
  • ProPhoto Design Zip File ‘design_yourdesignname” (Don’t uncompress this file)
  • READ ME file with important links, information, and notices
  • Resource Zip File (this contains any Photoshop files or separate resources related to your design)
If you would like to maintain the layout and linking that was provided in the demo, ProPhoto 7 will build the demo pages, assign the proper layouts, and even link them in the menus. This will make customizing your new design simple and easy!
  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to ProPhoto > Manage Designs
  3. Drag and drop your PP7 Zip Design File (‘design_yourdesignname’) into the Import a design section
  4. ProPhoto will automatically install your design
  5. To preserve your original design, you will want to “create new design from pattern”
  6. Navigate to the design you just uploaded and click “Create New Design
  7. ProPhoto will make an exact copy of the original design and ask you to title your new design
  8. An “Import Content” popup will display asking you if you would like to create the demo WordPress pages and content. ***This feature will automatically create all the demo pages, assign the proper layouts, and even link pages to menus. Click “Continue” to enable this feature  
  9. Add any title and select the blue CUSTOMIZE button to activate this design.
  10. Once loaded, you can access your design from the WordPress sidebar to open the ProPhoto Visual Builder 
  • Missing Stylesheet: A missing stylesheet error message indicates that you uploaded the zip file as a WordPress Theme and not as a ProPhoto Design zip. Please see the ProPhoto Create and Manage Designs tutorial for assistance on correcting this error.
  • If you experience any other errors please read the ProPhoto Create and Manage Designs tutorial. If you continue to experience upload errors please contact the ProPhoto support team for additional assistance.

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