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Getting Started with WooCommerce

Getting a WooCommerce friendly hosting plan

When using the WooCommerce platform it is very important to prioritize your websites hosting capabilities. Managing an e-commerce site increases the load on shared servers so it is important to first check that your current hosting provider has the ability to manage your website’s demands.

If you don’t feel confident in your current provider then consider using our preferred hosting partner, Siteground. We personally use Siteground and love their quality and reliability of service for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

If you’re not sure if your current hosting provider meets the requirements, checkout WooCommerce’s server recommendations.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard

To get started with WooCommerce install the WordPress plugin and use the setup wizard to install and setup your store.

The setup wizard will guide you through the basic shipping, tax, and payment gateway options. It is important to visit these settings in detail to ensure your shop is setup properly for your local tax requirements and shipping needs.

Set the WooCommerce Appearance settings

Once you follow the WooCommerce setup wizard you can customize the standard WooCommerce appearance settings.

  1. From the main WordPress dashboard hover over Appearance then click customize > continue > WooCommerce
  2. Optionally set a store notice by clicking Store Notice and check Enable store notice
  3. Click Product Catalog and select your preferred settings from each option
  4. Click Product Images and select your preferred WooCommerce image size settings
  5. Click Checkout and select your preferred checkout settings

Create your first product

Once you have setup your account, shipping, taxes, and payment gateway you are ready to create your first product.

Creating your first product is easy. Add all the relevant details into the product fields and publish your first product.

Up next, connecting your products to a ProPhoto layout

Once you’ve setup your WooCommerce store and created your first products you will proceed to linking your WooCommerce pages with a ProPhoto layout.

Depending on your customization preferences, there are two different options to display your WooCommerce products on your ProPhoto site.

Customizing the default WooCommerce product layout

If you want a simple, straight forward solution to displaying your WooCommerce products then you want to use the default WooCommerce product layout.

Included in the layout is a title at the top of the page, featured image and product images to the left, and pricing and details to the right.

Example of the default WooCommerce product layout with custom CSS

Using the built-in ProPhoto capabilities you can display all the default WooCommerce product information on your website. When you add new products or edit product information the changes will be reflected automatically in the ProPhoto layout, so not extra work is required.

If you don’t like the default WooCommerce stylings you can use CSS to match the default product layout to your website. Instructions can be found in the customizing the default product layout lesson.

Create a custom ProPhoto product layout

If you’re envisioning a fancy product layout page that has custom setup and layout, then you will want to manually create custom ProPhoto layouts and assign them to your WooCommerce products individually.

This setup requires a lot of customization and manual attention to detail but allows you to completely transform the look and style of your online store.

When you update a product image or information in WooCommerce you will also need to manually add this information to your ProPhoto layout. This is an extra step that requires a lot of manual product management.

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