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Getting Started with Shopify

Signup for a free trial

If you’ve never used Shopify before you can signup for a free 14 day trial. After your trial period ends pricing for “Buy Button” accounts start at $9/month.

Setting up your account

It’s important to note that you will completely manage your e-commerce products separately from your WordPress site.

Using the Shopify “Buy Button” you can embed your products and shop into your WordPress/ProPhoto website but all the design and management of your e-commerce setup is controlled by Shopify.

Setting up your account is an important first setup to getting your e-commerce site up and running.

General setup tips and resources:

Keep in mind Shopify offers a variety of online store channels. In this tutorial you only need to focus on setting up a “Buy Button” sales channel.

You will not need to select a Shopify website theme or setup any website options as you will not be using the Shopify website options.

Three different setup options

There are three main setup options for adding Shopify to your ProPhoto website.

  • Setup a Shopify Collections Page
  • Add unique Shopify “Buy Button” for each product inside a unique WordPress page
  • Setup each product individually with the Shopify “Checkout Link” with ProPhoto Custom Layouts

Setup a Shopify Collections Page with Product Popup

Of the three options, setting up a Shopify Collections Page is the easiest setup but has the least amount of customization options.

When a customer visits your “shop” page they will see a simple product overview with the product image, title, price and button. When the user clicks the product a popup window will open with the product details and option to add to cart.

Each product will not receive it’s own WordPress page so you will not be able to directly share a link to each product specifically. The customer must visit the “shop” or collections page and click a product to see the product information.

Add unique Shopify “Buy Button” for each product inside a unique WordPress page

This setup offers some page layout customizations and allows for each Shopify product to have a unique WordPress page.

When a customer visits your website they may view a specific WordPress page assigned to your product that includes the Shopify product details.

This setup does NOT include a compiled “shop” or collections page. Therefore, this setup works best when you manage different unrelated products that would not be logical to display side-by-side in a classic “shop” view.

Setup each product individually with the Shopify “Buy Button” with ProPhoto Custom Layouts

Of all the options, this setup allows for the most customization of the page layout but requires the most amount of manual edits and management.

When a customer visitors your store they will click on a WordPress page to open the product details. This WordPress page will have a fully custom ProPhoto layout assigned to it.

The only Shopify integration you use in this setup is the Shopify checkout cart. All the information displayed on the page is manually set and managed by ProPhoto.

Which Shopify setup should I choose?

If you aren’t sure what Shopify setup is best for your business needs see our post on Adding Shopify to your ProPhoto website.

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