Brand Kit Setup

Course Progress

Important Notes

Please note these important notes regarding the band kit and their proper use.


All template text & imagery is for example only. Please add in your own text, images, and titles to make it your own.


We are not permitted to share fonts. Instead, we have included the download links to all the fonts used in your file.


If printing your brand kit files, you must meet the printing requirements set by your vendor. We do not assist with any printing and are not financially responsible for any costs incurred in any way for your file printing.


We work hard on these products, please don’t redistribute our products or resale them in any way. This is left and is illegal.

Software Requirements

Please use the most current Adobe PSD software. We do not provide support to clients using outdated software.


If you still need support after reading/watching our instruction guides, please submit a tick to our support team.

Downloading Your File

Download the zip file and uncompress by either double-clicking the zip file (mac) or right-click “unzip.”

Save a Copy

Open the PSD file and immediately save a copy so that your original file always remains intact. File > “Save a copy

Installing Fonts

Download and install fonts

If you need to install any of the fonts, please click the download link provided in the font guide (inside the zip folder). Follow the font installation instructions for your operating system and/or font software. We do not provide assistance with installing fonts.

NOTE: You may need to restart your computer for your software to recognize the newly installed fonts. Please try closing Photoshop and restarting if you experience issues.

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