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How to Sync a WooCommerce Customer with your Flodesk Subscriber List

If you manage a WooCommerce store and want to connect your Flodesk email marketing program, then you need to sync your incoming WooCommerce orders to a Flodesk segment. Segmenting your WooCommerce customer is the perfect way to increase your sales with email marketing.

But first, the setup & accounts

Before you can create your first zap, you need to Connect Flodesk with WooCommerce. Once your WooCommerce store is set up, your Flodesk & Zapier accounts are created, and your Zapier for WooCommerce plugin is installed then you may proceed to the following tutorial.

Creating the “zap”

Using this Zap, every time a customer completes an order in your WooCommerce store their email and name will be added to a Flodesk segment.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log into Zapier and click the black Make a Zap button on the left panel
  2. Type “WooCommerce” into the “Choose App & Event” section and click it from the drop-down
  3. Click Order from the “event list” and then click the blue continue button
    • Please note, the “order” is the event trigger that will tell Zapier to initiate the zap
  4. Click the blue sign into WooCommerce button
    • Please note, you must have already installed the Zapier for WooCommerce plugin. If you do not have this plugin installed the zap connection will not work. Please first purchase and install this plugin to your WordPress site before proceeding.
  5. Add your login credentials to the pop-up screen
  6. Once your account is authenticated is will be available from the drop-down
  7. Click the blue continue button
  8. Click the blue Test trigger button to see if the connection is valid
    • Please note, if your WooCommerce store is new and has no previous orders the test trigger feature will not work. You will proceed without a test validation and click skip test
  9. A sample order will appear to display the fields available for use. The important fields that must be included in your WooCommerce order details are Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, and Billing email address. Each of these three fields corresponds to the required field in Flodesk for each subscriber
    1. Verify that each field is included in the order details (First Name, Last Name, and email address)
    2. Click the blue continue button
  10. In the “then do this” section type “Flodesk” into the connect box and click it from the drop-down
  11. From the “choose event” listing select create/update subscriber then click the blue continue button
  12. Click the blue sign into Flodesk button and sign into your Flodesk account with the popup screen
  13. The pop-up screen will then direct you to re-log into your Zapier account. Do not close the popup screen. Simply log in to Zapier and click continue. When a successful connection is made the original Zapier tab you had open will now have your Flodesk app available in the drop-down. Click the blue continue button
  14. From the segment list select your Flodesk segment “WooCommerce Customer”
    • Please note, if you have not created a segment in Flodesk for your WooCommerce orders nothing will appear here. Please go back to your Flodesk account to add a new segment to your audience.
  15. Click the email drop-down field and click the show all options button. Scroll down and click “Billing Email
  16. Click the “First Name” field and select either “Billing First Name” or “Shipping First Name
    • Most likely you will want to select “Billing First Name” but it depends on your e-commerce structure
  17. Click the “Last Name” field and select either “Billing Last Name” or “Shipping Last Name
    • Most likely you will want to select “Billing Last Name” but it depends on your e-commerce structure
  18. Click the blue continue button
  19. Click the blue Test and Continue button
  20. If the test was successful Zapier will display a success message. Click the blue Turn on Zap button

How to increase your sales with your email marketing program

So your Zap is all set up and your WooCommerce customers are synced with Flodesk congratulations, this is a big accomplishment. However, your work is not completed yet. Once your zap is set up you need to set up your email campaign.

Not sure what to do in your Flodesk email campaign? Check out our post on How to use Flodesk Workflows to Increase your Sales so you can get your segments to do more than sync up.

More WooCommerce and Flodesk Zaps to try

There are many ways to grow your email marketing program with your WooCommerce store. Check out our other zap tutorials to improve your email marketing program.

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