How to Curate Images for Your Website Portfolio

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Your website needs a refresh of images but curating new images seems like a daunting task. In today’s post we will cover three tips to curating the perfect portfolio for your website.

  1. Add small batches regularly
  2. Aim for quality over quantity
  3. Only select images that are “on brand”

Tip 1: add small batches regularly

If you wait to update your website until your “slow season,” then it can become a dreaded task. The more you put it off, the longer the to-do list becomes.

Instead of waiting to do bulk uploads, consider updating your images frequently in very small batches.

After every completed project or session tag your top images, you know… those “Instagram worth” shots that you can’t wait to share. But don’t stop after sharing them to Instagram… take one more minute of your day to add it to your website portfolio.

This quick, simple task done consistently means no daunting lists at the end of the year.

Need a website that displays your portfolio beautifully? We have a template for that. Check out our pre-made WordPress templates and themes.

Tip 2: quality over quantity

You may be tempted to share everything! I mean, how can you choose from 200+ images? But you must resist the urge to share it all.

Website viewers do not want to sort through 300+ images from each session. Aim for 20-30 images that highlight your best work. Remember, quality over quantity.

If you feel stuck on which images to select, then try a time browsing technique:

  1. Set the timer for 1 minute and open your images in a simple browser or file finder.
  2. Quickly scan your images one by one.
  3. If an image stirs an emotional response then tag it.
  4. Once you’ve tag all the images, repeat the process until you’ve narrowed your selection to 20-30.

Tip 3: only select images that are “on brand”

Not all images will feel and look seamless with your brand because not all projects will be in your own brand colors and personality.

Only select images that match the mood and tone of your brand. If you don’t have enough of these images don’t be afraid to do a “style shoot.” Styles shoots are pre-planned photography sessions that stage the people, location, style, and content.

Styled shoots are ideal for website photography because you can tell a visual story that is consistent with your brand voice. Not sure what your brand voice is? Checkout brand bootcamp for a free 3-day course that will help you develop your personalized brand voice.

How to curate images for your website take-a-ways:

It is important to keep your website and portfolios updated with your recent work. Both, Google bots and human visitors, like to see fresh content.

If you dread curating images for your website and portfolio try implementing our three tips:

  1. Add small batches regularly
  2. Aim for quality over quantity
  3. Only select images that are “on brand”

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