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How to connect Flodesk with WooCommerce

Setup your WooCommerce Store

Before you can get Flodesk setup with your e-commerce store you need to install and set up your WooCommerce store. Learn how to add a WooCommerce store with your ProPhoto site here in our free online course.

Setup your Flodesk Account

This post is specific to our favorite email marketing program, Flodesk. If you don’t have Flodesk then you can get started for Free, and even get 50% off your subscription costs.

Wondering if Flodesk is the right option for you? Check out our post, MailChimp Vs. Flodesk Which one is Better for your Photography Business.

Once you have your Flodesk account created, your first step when linking it with WooCommerce is to create a new segment.

Create a WooCommerce Customer Segment

  1. Log into Flodesk
  2. Hover over audience and click segment
  3. Click the black + Add Segment button
  4. Type “WooCommerce Customer” into the field (you can name this something else of your choosing)
  5. The new segment will appear in the boxes below

For this specific tutorial, you don’t need to do anything further inside Flodesk but be sure to read our tips and tricks for setting up your Flodesk account.

Setup your Zapier Account

For WooCommerce to work with Flodesk, the Zapier tool is required. Learn more about what Zapier is and how it works with WooCommerce and Flodesk on our posts Pros and Cons of Using Flodesk with WooCommerce or Does Flodesk Work with WooCommerce.

Please note, this tutorial requires a paid plugin called Zapier for WooCommerce. This plugin is required for the setup and connection of Zapier and can be purchased directly from the WooCommerce marketplace.

  1. Purchase & install the Zapier for WooCommerce plugin onto your WordPress site
    1. Go to WordPress > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin
    2. Drag and drop the .zip file into the upload zone
    3. Click the blue active plugin button
  2. Create a free Zapier Account
    • Once you create your Zapier account you will leave the screen open and return back to your account when the other connections are made
    • Please note, to create most zaps the free Zapier account will be sufficient. If you are interested in multi-step zaps or have high volume traffic on your site you may need an upgraded Zapier account.

Create a WooCommerce & Flodesk Zap

There are a variety of options for creating “zaps” with the WooCommerce and Flodesk apps. Here are some popular zaps for you to try today.

Want even more help?

Check out our post on Tips and Tricks for setting up Flodesk with WooCommerce for even more help and guidance on getting your WooCommerce store connected with Flodesk.

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