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How to Add WooCommerce to your ProPhoto Website

If you are a photographer or service-based business you may be wondering how to add a WooCommerce store to your ProPhoto website. The great news is ProPhoto does integrate with WooCommerce and there are many different setup options to grow your photography business.

In this post, we will cover how ProPhoto works with WooCommerce.

If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your WooCommerce store with your ProPhoto website then join the free workshop for Adding a Shop to your ProPhoto Website.

Unlimited WooCommerce customizations with ProPhoto layouts

ProPhoto 7 is a visual builder that allows users to create custom layouts, from the top of your page to the bottom. Each layout can be customized with unlimited design options.

The best part is you can assign layouts to WordPress custom post types. This means you can assign unique layouts to every single page on your website.

To make it even easier, ProPhoto automatically lists out and allows you to assign your ProPhoto layouts to the custom post types associated with WooCommerce including your shop catalog, checkout, account pages, product pages, archives and more.

Customize WooCommerce defaults with custom CSS

A major complaint from WordPress and WooCommerce users is the lack of customizations available for the stylings of WooCommerce product listings, details, and buttons.

ProPhoto allows users to add custom CSS in any layout or across the entire site. The CSS options allow users to customize the WooCommerce defaults with ease, product listings, font styles, buttons, and more.

Take our website for example. Our shop page, product pages, and all WooCommerce pages are build using ProPhoto 7 layouts and custom CSS.

E-Commerce ProPhoto Templates that work with WooCommerce and Shopify

If you aren’t the DIY type we have pre-made ProPhoto templates that include all the ProPhoto layouts you need to get your WooCommerce or Shopify store up and running.

Offer physical or digital products, sell mentorships, workshops, or courses with ease using our ProPhoto templates! We have two specific ProPhoto templates that include all the e-commerce layouts you want and need.

Artist + Educator Shop Collection

The Artist + Educator Shop Collection is the perfect ProPhoto template for any creative who would like to sell a combination of physical and digital products.

Easy to install and customize, you can have your WooCommerce or Shopify store up and running with ProPhoto in half the time without all the stress.

Photographer + Educator Shop Collection

If you are an experienced photographer you may have wanted to share your expertise and experience with other photographers. Now you can sell your online courses, mentorships, and digital products all on your ProPhoto website.

The Photographer + Educator Shop Collection is a modern and feminine theme that already includes the needed WooCommerce and Shopify layouts.

Integrating Shopify with your ProPhoto website

The great thing about ProPhoto is you can even use Shopify. Using a combination of the Shopify “Buy Button” channel and ProPhoto’s layout capabilities you can build a great online store.

If you’re curious about using Shopify with your ProPhoto website then check out our post on How to Add Shopify to Your ProPhoto Website.

Adding WooCommerce to your ProPhoto website

Using ProPhoto’s layouts and custom CSS of WooCommerce elements you can add a WooCommerce store to your ProPhoto website.

If you are interested in pre-made ProPhoto templates with the ProPhoto layouts already made for you, then check out our ProPhoto Shop Collection Templates.

Rather work with Shopify? ProPhoto can integrate with Shopify too! Learn more about using Shopify with your ProPhoto website.

If you’re interested in getting your ProPhoto website setup with a fully functioning online store, then join our free workshop for Adding a Shop to your ProPhoto Website.

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