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How to Add Shopify to Your ProPhoto Website

There are three options when adding Shopify to your ProPhoto website. Each option has its pros and cons. This post will focus on the differences between each of the options.

  1. Shopify “Buy Button” Single Product
  2. Shopify “Buy Button” for Collections
  3. Shopify Checkout Link

If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to implement each setup be sure to checkout the free workshop for Adding a Shop to your ProPhoto Website.

Add a Shopify “Buy Button” for single products on your ProPhoto website

Adding a Shopify “Buy Button” for a single product is ideal if you have a very small e-commerce shop (less than 5 products) but each of the products are unrelated.

Case study of how a creative would use the Shopify “Buy Button” for single products

For example, Jessica is a photographer wanting to add three different products on her website: an online booking checkout for her photographer services, selling a new t-shirt design she created, and selling mentorship sessions for other photographers.

In our example, Jessica would not want to display the products side-by-side in a traditional shop view because they are unrelated products. Jessica chooses to use the Shopify “Buy Button” for single product for each of her products. She creates three separate “Buy Buttons” and adds each of the buttons to a different page on her website.

Checkout How to Add a Shopify Product to Your ProPhoto Website in our free workshop.

Add a Shopify “Buy Button” for collections on your ProPhoto website

If you want to manage a medium to large scale Shopify shop on your ProPhoto website then the “Buy Button” for collections is a great options.

Join the free workshop to get a step-by-step guide to adding a Shopify Collections “Buy Button” on your ProPhoto website.

Selling a variety of related physical, digital or virtual products/services

If you are an artist, photographer or creative that sells a variety of related products the Shopify Collections “Buy Button” is ideal for you.

Using the “collections” setup, you are able to manage a large listing of digital, physical or virtual products and sell them all from one easy to use shop interface.

Case Study of the Shopify “Buy Button” for Collections integration with ProPhoto

Let’s take a closer look at how this works in a real-life scenario with a real small business. Aleen Floral Design is a florist in Williamsburg, Virginia. Karen, the owner and lead florist on her team, came to me with a unique request:

In addition to selling wedding floral packages to brides Karen wanted to sell tickets to floral workshops she hosts at her floral design studio. Karen wanted a simple e-commerce solution that would allow customers to book directly from the site with ease.

Because Karen manages multiple Workshop dates simultaneously (multiple related products), the “collections” option was the best method. When Karen adds a new Workshop listing to her Shopify dashboard the listing is automatically added to her Shopify collection on the ProPhoto website.

Checkout Aleen Floral Design and how this Shopify integration works in real life.

Using Shopify “Checkout Links” on your ProPhoto website

There is a third, less common option when connecting Shopify to your ProPhoto website, using “checkout links.”

Shopify “checkout links” are exactly what they sound like: checkout links that when clicked, direct a user directly to the Shopify checkout interface with the product and variation pre-selected.

Because the customer is not able to select the product variant (ex. size or color) this option is not ideal if your products have variant options.

When to use the Shopify “checkout link” option on your ProPhoto website

For most online products, it is recommended to use the traditional “product layout.” You know, the standard product view you see on Amazon or any other website: title on the top, photos to the right, description and price to the left.

Example of a traditional product layout

This is the preferred product layout for most companies because it follows UX (user experience) best practices. Users are used to this layout so they immediately know and understand where to look on the page for more information and product details.

But is the standard product layout always the best option?

No, for products that may need extra explanation or a visual demonstration you may want to customize the page layout to give the user a more interactive and intuitive experience.

A great example of a “custom” product layout is found on Apple with the iPad. Explaining and selling electronics can get technical and boring. Apple reinvents the way a customer shops their electronics in an highly visual format that makes boring product details feel exciting.

Example of a custom product layout from Apple

If you believe your product or service could benefit from an interactive and customized product layout then you want to integrate your ProPhoto website with Shopify “Checkout links.”

Using the built in capabilities of ProPhoto, you are able to create custom ProPhoto layout pages and add your Shopify “checkout link” any where on the page. Because this setup requires a lot of manual editing and management, using Shopify “checkout links” is not recommended if you manage a lot of product or if you aren’t comfortable in the ProPhoto customizer.

How you can integrate Shopify with your ProPhoto website

There are three main options when adding Shopify to your ProPhoto website.

  1. Shopify “Buy Button” Single Product
  2. Shopify “Buy Button” for Collections
  3. Shopify Checkout Link

Each option is specific for the type of products you want to sell and how you want to manage your store. If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial on implementing any of the Shopify setups be sure to checkout the free workshop for Adding a Shop to your ProPhoto Website.

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