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Does Flodesk Work with WooCommerce

Yes, the amazing Flodesk platform does work with WooCommerce with the help of a tool called Zapier. If you manage a WordPress website with WooCommerce then you may be curious if Flodesk is the right email marketing service for your small business.

In this post, we will share how you can set up your WooCommerce site with Flodesk using the Zapier tool.

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an amazing email marketing platform that is both user friendly and visually engaging. Flodesk makes creating beautiful email campaigns easy and straightforward.

Flodesk is newer to the email marketing scene but they are making a huge impact by focusing on serving small business creatives who want to build styled, sleek email campaigns with ease.

If you’re wondering how Flodesk stacks up to Mailchimp then check out our post, MailChimp Vs. Flodesk where we dive into the pros and cons of both platforms.

How Flodesk integrates with E-Commerce

If you manage a Shopify website or “Buy Button” account on your website then you are in luck. Flodesk has builtin capabilities with Shopify that allows users to connect a Shopify store and seamlessly integrate these two platforms together.

If you are using WooCommerce on your website, then there isn’t a built-in way to connect your e-commerce store with Flodesk. But don’t stress, with the help of Zapier you can link your WooCommerce store to Flodesk with ease.

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What is Zapier

Zapier is an online tool that automates workflows for apps and websites based on a series of “triggers.”

Zapier is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that can be used for your WooCommerce store, Flodesk, and many other supported applications.

A Zapier account is free to setup and get started so check it out for yourself!

How Zapier works with WooCommerce

WooCommerce and Flodesk are two great tools but currently there isn’t a built-in integration to help these two platforms communicate and work together.

When a built-in integration doesn’t exist, Zapier is a tool you can use to connect applications and create automated workflows and actions.

As mentioned above, Zapier is free to use on the basic account BUT if you want to integrate with your WooCommerce store with Flodesk then you will need to purchase the official Zapier for WooCommerce plugin. At $59/year the Zapier for WooCommerce plugin is not expensive but it is an added cost to consider.

Using the free Zapier account you can connect your WooCommerce store and Flodesk app and begin creating “zaps” or automation sequences to accomplish your email marketing goals.

The bottomline: Yes, Flodesk works with WooCommerce

If you manage a WordPress site with WooCommerce you can use Flodesk as your email marking program but you will need Zapier to help make these two apps communicate effectively.

If you aren’t sure if Flodesk is the right fit for your WooCommerce store then checkout our post, Pros and Cons of Using Flodesk with WooCommerce.

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