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WordPress Website Walkthrough

Welcome to the course

Thank you for working with Mark Brand Boutique. This free, online course will walk you through all the major features of WordPress. This course is for users with limited WordPress experience or for those who have never used WordPress before.

Course Enrollment:

To track your course progress individually, enroll for this course or sign in. If you purchased your design directly from our shop, then you are automatically enrolled. If you purchased your design from ProPhoto, then join our community to gain access to this course and related content. With an account, the course can be accessed through your dashboard at all times. Please note, enrollment is not required to access this course or its content.

How to use this course:

Use the course outline on the left panel to navigate throughout the course lesson plans. Select a lesson plan from the course outline by clicking on the lesson plan title. You may complete lesson plans in sequential order or browse freely by lesson topic.

Support and Questions:

We strive to provide helpful and intuitive support for all our products and services. Before reaching out to our support team with questions, please carefully review this course to guide you in your ProPhoto customizations. If you can’t find a solution then please submit a ticket to our support team for assistance.

Not feeling tech savvy?

No worries, the DIY route isn’t for everyone. Skip the overwhelming feelings and save hours of your time by hiring us to professionally restyle this template to match you!

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