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The Best WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs

By default, WordPress is an excellent website platform but with the help of plugins, you can elevate your business to next-level awesome. In today's post, we will offer our recommendation of the best WordPress plugins you need on your website. The Best...

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What Every Website Needs to be Successful

The success of your website is resting on its user experience (UX). You can have a gorgeous website, but if your customers don’t know how to use it then all you're left with is a frustrated audience. There are millions of website on the Internet,...

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How to Create an Email Alias

Today we are sharing how to create an email alias through Gmail absolutely free. This tutorial is going to help you setup a professional email that ends in your domain name. The catch is you can continue to use your favorite email service provider like Gmail. If you are a small business owner who likes to save cash, then this tutorial is for you!

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How to Trick Google into Ranking You Higher

The SEO magic question everyone is asking: how do I rank higher in Google? The answer is simple. Become the absolute best resource for your customers, and it starts with good web design. We can prove it. In this post, we are sharing what the Google algorithm looks for and how you can use it to build a winning SEO strategy. P.S. It’s not as complicated as you think.

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When You Can’t Do it All

At the end of the day, I’m responsible for the success and failure of my business. That’s a lot of pressure. And when you put that kind of pressure on yourself, you start to think you have to do it all, all the time. In the last three months I’ve learned that’s a dangerous lie. The reality is we don’t have to do it all to achieve success. Today, I am sharing my solutions to the question, “what do you do when you can’t do it all?”

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Trend Chasing: Follow Trends or Avoid Them in Business?

Trends come and go. Some trends last longer than others but eventually, they all become "retro," a thing of the past. So as a business owner, should you follow trends or avoid them? The answer is both. In today's post, we will share our schedule to achieve a...

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Rebrand: Karyn Johnson Photography

Karyn is the talented owner of Karyn Johnson Photography who recently moved from Hampton Roads, Virginia all the way to Louisville, KY. Ready to work with brides in her new community, Karyn sought my help to rebuild a brand that would communicate a photographic style...

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The Logo Design Process

Today we are sharing a look behind the scenes of Mark Branding Boutique's Steven Step Logo Design Process. From conception to completion it takes three to four weeks to deliver a strategic logo that is uniquely yours. This post will give you a fun perspective on how...

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